Italic 2.0

Exhibition's picture showing The Fell Types and iKern (by nina.ninana)

Exhibition picture showing The Fell Types and iKern (by nina.ninana)

Italic 2.0
il disegno di caratteri contemporaneo in Italia
contemporary type design in Italy

mostra a cura di / exhibition curated by
Marta Bernstein, Luciano Perondi, Silvia Sfligiotti

inaugurazione / opening
h. 18.30
Politecnico di Torino
Manica d’approdo Cittadella politecnica
Corso Castelfidardo 39, Torino

la mostra fa parte di / the exhibition is part of
Icograda Design Week Torino

associazione italiana progettazione per la comunicazione visiva

In september 2002, Italic 1.0 was presented at the ATypI conference in Rome: promoted by Aiap, it was the first book dedicated to contemporary Italian type design, and presented the output of less than thirty designers. Although this included some outstanding work, on the whole it seemed that Italy was still on the margins of the global typographic scene. Six years after the publication of that book, Italic 2.0 reflects a very different situation: the number of designers, the average quality and the quantity of projects have all increased, and although we cannot really talk about the rebirth of an Italian “school” of type design, finally we can see some promising developments. Bearing this in mind Italic 2.0 has not only been conceived as a book but also, through a blog ( and a database where all typefaces designed are collated, it is intended to become an observatory, an active way of monitoring the phenomenon and creating a network of designers, which will be kept updated after the publication of the book. [Excerpt from the introduction]

I myself I’m present with the iKern project. The Fell Types are also shown as example of its first practical application.

Book's cover

Book's cover (by oinoi)