Thomas More’s Utopia set in IM Fell English

The project is not complete but you can find this reconstructed facsimile of an edition of More’s Utopia published in 1684. Book design by Walton Mendelson: “A facsimile edition was impossible from the copy because of the amount of work required to clean the pages to make them easily readable, although the book is in good condition. It was decided to retype the pages. They have been set in IM Fell English. Retyping required fitting each line to the full measure, as in the original, and substituting the appropriate glyphs (for: ct, s, ss, st, sh, si, sl, ff, ffi, ffl, fi, fl)”. You can read the full story on the 12 on 14 Book Design and Art site.

Thomas Moore's Utopia set in IM Fell English

Book design by W. Mendelson for a facsimile of a 1684 edition of Thomas More's Utopia.