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Google Font Directory

Google Font DirectoryThe Fell Types are there too. Now the fonts are licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

Firefox and new font control features for designers

John Daggett of Mozilla Japan is currently working on development of the Firefox browser and wanted to let me know that he used some of the Fell Type fonts on an example page which mimics the rendering of historical texts.
firefoxdaggett«This page uses downloadable fonts to try and render the quoted text as it would have been rendered historically.  Additionally, we’re working on ways of extending CSS so that it can make use of font features, in this case the alternate form of the ‘s’ character and the various historical ligatures.  Attached is a rendering with an experimental version of Firefox that allows control over these font features, in this case to render the ‘ct’ ligature and the old style ‘s’ form.  It’s somewhat peculiar to see HTML rendered as if it were intended for 17th century readers!»

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iKern site updated

I’ve just update the iKern site too expanding the description stuff. I’ve also added a little section explaining the terms of the service offered.